About the Author

Colin Haskin is a former editor at The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper. He lives in an old house on the banks of the Trent River in eastern Ontario, where he renovates and writes, and recovers from bouts of both. The renovations will one day end, but not the writing.
Haskin grew up in small-town, pre-television New Zealand where he was the youngest member of a family of serious readers whose idea of an outing was to cycle, en masse, to the municipal library. He read everything, especially if it was by Arthur Ransome, Rosemary Sutcliff, Henry Treece, Ian Serraillier, John Wyndham, Paul Gallico or Farley Mowat.
At 18, seizing on the notion that he could somehow write for a living, Haskin joined a local newspaper and later set out to see the world, stopping once in a while to work on dailies in Australia, Britain, Los Angeles, British Columbia, and elsewhere. His intention was to one day return to New Zealand, but instead he fell in love with all things Canadian. He also fell in love with sailing and built a bluewater cruising yacht, only to lose it in a storm off California that took the lives of two crew members.
Although he moved to Toronto and spent 25 years at the Globe and Mail, Haskin never gave up on boats or books. He shares both with family and friends who join him at his home on the river, where he is given to pondering the local wildlife. He suspects there is a novel to be found in the social life of Canada Geese.

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