Awarded the Coveted Kirkus StarKirkus Star
"A modern take on both Kafka and T.H. White … An absolutely wonderful debut with the potential to become a young adult classic."
- Kirkus Review


Ferret Girl
A novel for young adults (all adults, for that matter)

At 14, Fiona has had enough of her parents' problems and longs to escape their world and be with Bandit, her pet ferret.
The trouble is she must somehow shrink to his size, something she achieves by attempting an ill-advised physics experiment. Then it's a succession of wild adventures and close encounters with a great-horned owl, a rat, a fox, and a vainglorious house cat. She has entered the food chain.
Bandit, meanwhile, endeavors to teach her 'the way of the ferret,' but he proves to have only a theoretical grasp on the subject, and Fiona must assume leadership.
She soon regrets wanting to know what it would be like to be a ferret, and begins to long for her family. Without a way to reverse her experiment, Fiona arrives at the terrifying realization she is trapped in another dimension.

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