About the Illustrator

Gerry Brophy is a native of Newfoundland. He is a classically trained animator and artist specializing in concept art … and anything funny. Over the years, he has worked on television animation projects that include such shows as Bob & Margaret, Little Bear, Stickin’ Around, and Pippy Longstockings. From his Toronto studio, ERIS Creations, he produces multimedia animation for television shows and corporate videos, and illustrates both e-books and traditional books. He may be contacted at gerry@eriscreations.com

Ferret Girl Holding Ferret

'Mom was late. Dead late'

Ferret Girl Slide

'Each turn was worse than the one before. As
her speed increased, so did the violence.'

Fiona explaining phone to Bandit

Fiona: 'You speak in here, and someone at the
other end hears you.'
Bandit: 'Is that necessary? I am standing at
the other end and I hear you very well.'

Ferret Girl owl and treehouse

'Unaccustomed to losing prey, this time the
owl meant to make a kill.'

The rat scene

'It was as if all doubt and timidity had been
swept aside. Bandit had met his ferret destiny.'

Counting lesson

'Bandit separated his pellets into two groups–
one group of 21 and another of 19. Scoop
sat on the sidelines as though taking notes.'