DBR Publishing

DBR Publishing, a publisher and a literary editing service based in Stirling, Ontario, invites inquiries from writers. Each project begins with a free assessment.* Not all clients are accepted. Those whose writing shows potential are offered an escalating choice of services:
Critique of manuscript and honest, practical feedback.
Annotate and pencil-edit the MS, which is returned.
Full edit. For this, DBR requires the MS in both paper and digital form. The updated MS is returned and the writer is free to make further changes or submit it for publication.
For clients wishing to self-publish, DBR converts the MS into book form. This includes hiring a designer to produce a cover and making arrangements with a proven printer.
Costs start at $350 and depend on the level of service and the size of each project.

For a free assessment, contact:

DBR Publishing, P.O. Box 264, Stirling, Ont., Canada K0K 3E0
Email: DBRpublishing@xplornet.ca

* Free assessments are made of 500-word project summaries written by prospective clients. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be considered or returned.