What Readers Say

I purchased a book for my son, he read it in a day! Said it was really good (he's 11). Best of luck at the fair, we'll see you September 24th at 10am (if not before)
Stirling, On.

I enjoyed your book. I finished it at six this morning. I really loved the ending ... how everything comes together.
Aurora, On.

I checked out the "Ferret Girl" site and the splendid first two chapters and I really want a copy. (I need to know what happened with Fiona's mom!) Can you reserve a copy for me to purchase when I get back (from England)?
Kingston, On.

Loved your book, Colin. I really liked the ending. It's all I can do stop myself from telling others how it ends.
Scarborough, On.

I really, really loved Ferret Girl. It brought tears to my eyes
Aurora, On.

I started reading it. it is good so far!
Jimmy (10),
Stayner, On.